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How We Got Our Start

This Podcast is a project I was wanting to do for a long time, in December of 2021 I finally made the leap and bought some equipment. I put together my first episode on January second and released it on the third and season two is now upon us and are hitting record monthly downloads! With a following and guests from around the world, the support has been overwhelming! With episode releases 3-4 times per month we are averaging 9,000-11,000 plus downloads monthly. 

Episodes are released weekly, every Sunday at 7PM central standard time and recently we have taken the podcast to video and they are viewable on the Certified Wrench Podcast YouTube channel. Check out the Certified Wrench Podcast on all streaming platforms! 

Check out the link below for streaming apps, merchandise, social media pages and more. 

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About me

I am Colton McCormack, I am the Host, Editor and Producer of the Certified Wrench Podcast. I am a Heavy Equipment Mechanic for a private construction company and have been a mechanic for going on 16 years. I am happily married to my wonderful wife who has been very supportive of this dream and has been a huge driving force behind it and I have two wonderful children! 

The Podcast 

This Podcast is about "The Life Of A Field Tech". It is targeted toward field and shop mechanics in any trade, the new guy thinking about turning wrenches for a career, and the owner operators in the trades. 

With this podcast I like to show other technicians out there that we all deal with the same things day to day and to show the younger generation that college isn't always the way to build a good career. 


Longterm Goals

I would like this podcast to help anyone out there whether they are just starting out or have been doing it for 30 years, there is always room to grow and improve and if I can provide that with this Podcast then I have done what I came here for. But as far as long term goes I would like this Podcast to keep growing and having as many different guests every week as possible. Certified Wrench Podcast is open to sponsorship to help with equipment and other expenses. 

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Get in Touch

Certified Wrench Podcast is always open to new guests, topics, suggestions, constructive criticism or just a friendly message! Feel free to contact me anytime!

If you are interested in being a guest on the Podcast shoot me a message and give us a description of what you do and what you’re interested in talking about and I will get you a Questionnaire and once questionnaire is returned filled out, guest will be contacted and then will be mutually decided on scheduling.

The Certified Wrench Podcast is open to sponsorships, if interested in sponsoring The Certified Wrench Podcast please contact via email and we will provide sponsor kit information! 

Thanks for submitting!

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